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About Us

MareLuna Essentials brings you delightful solutions to the modern woman that love to celebrates her independence and beauty.  We celebrate diversity, sexiness, beauty, and freedom to love and to be whatever you want to be.modern life eco-luxury cosmetics, bath & body and skin care designed to indulge your senses and enlighten your skincare ritual.

The fierce, the sexy, the smart, the women on the go, the unstoppable!

It is our mission to offer products that elevate your spirit and beauty providing you another reason to keep going strong.  There's no time for ugly in and out right?

We are inspired by the healing power of mother nature and traditional botanical remedies, the beauty across the world, and well-being philosophies.  We validate those with science progress and technology to improve our products.

These tried and tested botanicals are combined with advanced cosmetic science to create high-performance skin care formulated without harsh and harmful ingredients. Proudly made in USA, our selected compositions and smooth textures will be your daily source of beauty and inspiration.

We use the perfect blends of oils, vegetable butters, salts, minerals, essential oils and cosmeceuticals to provide you a well-deserved SPA treatment at home... for your tranquility of mind.

We are proud to offer products free of: 

  • known toxic ingredients
  • paraben and derivates
  • formaldehyde and derivates
  • no animal testing (we are not 100% vegan since some of our products might contain honey or beeswax, but we do offer many vegan options)
  • gluten free - most of our products are GF, please verify the label for any potential allergen




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