About Us

Rooted in Nature.  Inspired by You. 

 MareLuna Essentials brings you delightful solutions to the modern woman that love to celebrates her independence and beauty.  We celebrate diversity, sexiness, beauty, and freedom to love and to be whatever you want to be.modern life eco-luxury cosmetics, bath & body and skin care designed to indulge your senses and enlighten your skincare ritual.

The fierce, the sexy, the smart, the women on the go, the unstoppable, the fearless!

It is our mission to offer products that elevate your spirit and beauty providing you another reason to keep going strong.  There's no time for ugly (in and out)!

We are inspired by the healing power of mother nature and traditional botanical remedies, the beauty across the world, and well-being philosophies.  We validate those with scientific progress and technology to improve our products.

We also believe that aging is part of nature and it should be embraced as something honorable and also a privilege. Therefore, the "anti-aging" products, is nothing more than taking care of ourselves in a way that we keep our vessels as beautiful as possible along the journey of aging.  We call it... Aging With Style!

Find balance in beauty and nature.

Spoil yourself with a soothing spa-like experience from the comfort of your own home.

Our products are created with the perfect blend of natural oils, vegetable butters, salts, minerals, botanicals, natural fragrances, and essential oils.

We use the perfect blends of oils, vegetable butter, salts, minerals, essential oils and cosmeceuticals to provide you a well-deserved SPA treatment at home... for your tranquility of mind.

You never compromise. And neither do we.

Indulge in a luxurious skincare ritual derived from only the most natural and/or safe ingredients.

Our ingredients are originated from around the world, celebrating what every land and culture have to offers.  We believe that by adding a piece of those, we not just benefit from their amazing skincare benefits but, we become "neighbors" and friends.

 All of Mareluna’s products are:

  • 100% toxin-free (including paraben, formaldehyde, and derivate)
  • 100% cruelty-free 
  • most of our products are GF, please verify the label for any potential allergen
  • great vegan selection - most of our products are vegan-friendly.  In case we add honey or derivate, we will disclose it as non-vegan.


We have rooted in nature thanks to our precious time and memories growing up in the beautiful paradise of the Caribbean.  Today, that paradise has been deeply impacted by environmental events.  Therefore, MareLuna Essentials has decided to join multiple efforts and organizations to help those in needs after the hurricane loses. Every time that you buy a product from us, we will be giving 10% of sales to a selected non-profit organizations.  And in advanced, we thank you for your indirect contribution :-). BESOS!!!